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2020.05.20 Szerda . 21:38

Brush up Your English - with Freddie!

Utilize it, apply it, and do start thinking in English - suggests Freddie. Fehérvári Gábor Alfréd was teaching English before he started a career as a singer. Was he a teacher? Or a tutor? Here and now he gives an extra lesson - only for PetőfiLive readers! Can You follow him?

PetőfiLive: How did you start to get interested in the English language? How did you start to learn it?

Freddie: It all started with basketball, I fell in love with the game when I was 13. Soon after, rarely, but you could catch games broadcast live with original commentators. That was where I took up the most in the first place. I watched it, heard it, memorized it, and quickly made myself comfortable with the accent as well.

PetőfiLive: What memories do you have of learning English? Where did you learn it? How much effort did you put into it?

Freddie: I did not learn English... I mean, of course, grammatically you had to acquire the structures so you would put them all to work, but that’s it. You have to apply it, otherwise, you learn it in vain.

PetőfiLive: Why did you decide to become an English teacher?

Freddie: I was not much of a teacher, it is just a myth really. I was more of a tutor. I knew much more than I should have, and I just took advantage of that by helping others to understand what I just mentioned previously.

PetőfiLive: Tell us about your teaching experience! Where did you teach English? What memories do you have?

Freddie: When I was in high school I loved it. It felt really good that others admired me, which is kind of lame, but I wasn’t a hot stud, nor a popular one. English and basketball were the only two things I was good at. So having been a tutor helped me start to build my confidence.

PetőfiLive: When you make songs, do you prefer to sing them in English or Hungarian? Which one is more challenging?

Freddie: I don’t feel challenging any of them now. Back when I started singing, Hungarian was more difficult, but then I realized that unfortunately many people don’t speak English or even if they do, they don’t understand it in real-time. That’s the main reason I write songs in Hungarian.

PetőfiLive: If you could give one piece of secret advice to English learners, what would it be? 

Freddie: Utilize it, apply it, and do start thinking in English. If you do this, you start taking up and understand spoken English rapidly, which is the ultimate level of speaking in a foreign language. By this simple but unknown method, you will soon be able to watch movies without subtitles or enjoy a concert.